5 Ways to have Green Finger?

If you’ve ever killed a houseplant, you’re not alone. It turns out that green fingers (the ability to keep plants alive) are something that can be learned. With a little bit of knowledge and practice, you can turn into a successful gardener with Green fingers too! In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to have green fingers and keep your plants healthy and happy. Let me illustrate my personal thoughts on how you can turn your finger green!

#1 : Don’t wash you hand too clean!

When we were children, our parents told us to always wash our hands. We are taught that bacteria are bad, is that so? Do you know there are more good bacteria than bad bacteria in this world? The garden analogy is all about harmony with balance. Having a pair of sanitized hands does not invite beneficial microbes for the plants to grow healthily. So before you start gardening, soak your hand in bio-organic fertiliser like Arktivate liquid. It will help fertiliser your hand before you start gardening and everything you touch will turn green!

#2: Poop make your finger green.

vermicast, worm casting, nutrients for plants.

I’m not sure you’ve heard it before, poop makes your garden green. Yes, I said poop. And it turns out, this stuff is actually great for your plants! So, obviously having your hand rub with worm poop especially, will give you amazing results! Not only will your plants start growing like crazy, but they were also super healthy and robust. Poop really does make your finger thrive! It fertilises your hand to make everything you touch turn green! Worm poop also known as vermicast or casting is the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter by earthworms. There are other kinds of poop like chicken manure and cow dungs, but be very careful using other poops as they might burn your plants if not used moderately.

#3: Treat the curly like royality

Earthworms, best friend for the soil

Earthworms seem to be eerie for some but they are the custodians of the soil. Imagine getting rid of them and thinking lowly of them. How will your plant feel? Don’t make your plant upset, let your finger welcome and make friends with the curly. You will be surprised by how friendly they are. They break down dead and decaying organic matter into rich humus soil, They also create ventilated channels that aerate the soil and improve drainage. Earthworm feeds off bacteria and fungi that grow on dead and decomposing organic matter, their existence in soil represents excellent soil health.

#4: Walking barefoot

walk on the soil. leave your footprint on the soil.

Be connected to nature and embrace the life of silence. Although flowers and plants can’t speak to you, they feel your presence. The more your spend time with them, the more you will understand their language. With our urban lifestyle, we have lost touch with nature, take a moment to enjoy by walking barefoot and let nature connect with you, moreover, It has been proven that walking barefoot on grass has many health benefits. If roots draw the nutrients from the ground up, so should we let our feet absorb nature best for us.

#5: Use a bio-organic fertiliser

Do you know synthetic fertilisers and pesticides kill both bad and good microbes? The choice of fertiliser promotes either a green finger or a poisonous touch. You might see your plant grow with synthetic fertiliser and flourish with pesticides but it isn’t green. You will not be able to achieve a sustainable regenerative ecosystem, and no bio life will thrive. This is so prevalent to see around us these days when our surrounding is filled with green but has you wondered where did all the bees and butterfly go? Chose your fertiliser wisely, get the real green! An organic fertiliser uses organic input purely directly without going through a biological process, whereas a bio-organic fertiliser uses a microbial lifeform to process organic matters. This definitely helps to speed up plants’ intake of nutrients. This way of fertilising will not burn plants.

Get Arktivated with green fingers

Having a Green garden is not just about having green fingers or thumbs, it is a way of life to cultivate a balanced ecosystem. To live in harmony with nature even in an urban setting, respecting the smallest form of life. I recommend having your hand drench with Arktivate liquid before you touch a seed or start your planting journey, start touching life to create and nurture life. Fill your garden with beneficial microbial and fungi, be the master of the ecosystem and see how your garden flourishes.

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