Our Team Belief

Arktivate seeks to promote the coexistence and partnership of humans and nature in our urban lifestyle. We want to widen the frontiers of understanding about the wonders of plant growth offered by mother nature in our living spaces. By harnessing the purpose of beneficial microorganisms, we provide key nutrients to naturally aid in the plant’s growth and immunity from pests – this bio-organic way of growing results in a healthier environment and increased nutrients both for plants and humans.

Arktivate goes beyond our roof. Climate change and loss of biodiversity are 2 of our most pressing issues now; Bio Ark strives to create a positive impact by spreading awareness on healthier and organic growing practices. We believe that every individual effort, no matter how minuscule, can contribute tremendously to this long uphill battle that will affect our generation’s lives and future generations to come. To learn more about our global vision to Arktivate the world, please click to visit

The Founders

Jeremy Chua

Jeremy started taking an interest in food security when Singapore began taking first steps towards water self sustainability back in 2010. The idea was, if it could be done with water on a land scarce island with little catchment area, it could potentially be done with food production, through the similar use of technology and well-designed processes.

From that “seed” of an idea, Jeremy went on to build and operate several urban farms, from rooftop farms to intensive commercial greenhouses, some of them the first of their kind in Singapore.

Currently as Technology Director for Bio Ark, Jeremy is focused on looking to microbiology and understanding these microscopic ecosystems to develop solutions that return fertility and bio-capacity back to our Earth; resulting in better food and ecological systems, for a regenerative and abundant future.

Matthew Edward Loh

Edward started his career in the industry of visual communication in the early ’90s. Working with MNC on global branding content, he has acquired the skill of communicating through effective visual messaging. Over the years, Edward has started a streetwear brand, café, restaurant, and bar.  In 2018, he dwelled in mushroom spore bag manufacturing in China by assisting the government to uplift the poverty line. 

Since then, his agriculture interest has driven him to dive deeper into farming-related industries. Discovering the art and science of agriculture, he effectively communicates by sharing to empower changes in farming practices.

With his current role as a Business Director, Edward is tasked with expanding the vision of Bio Ark by partnering with relevant partners to address the issues of food security and climate change.