Plants nutrients
Matthew Edward Loh

Why using Bio-Organic Fertilisers is better for your plants.

Bio-organic fertiliser is a combination of organic and inorganic elements that are obtained from animals and plants. These two sources provide all the required nutrients to the plants; therefore they are considered natural fertilisers. The use of bio-organic manure in vegetable gardening has been promoted for many years now due to its many benefits. The use of bio-organic manure as a fertiliser provides the plants with multiple benefits such as increased growth, better yield, and quality of produce.

Urban Gardening
Matthew Edward Loh

7 Types of resilience plants perfect for urban homes

Due to the rising popularity of gardening as a hobby in Singapore, many have tried their hands on adding a little color to spice up their living and working spaces. Where some have succeeded in creating lush and vibrant gardenscapes that have their own mini eco-systems in their home, others may experience the opposite due to constraints in space, knowledge and time to care for their plants or simply lacking ‘green thumbs’.